Pro-New Orleans, Pro-local, and Pro-artists.



Pro-New Orleans, pro-local, and pro-musician; The Gold Frame strives to offer affordable creative services for artists, small businesses, and entrepreneurs alike. Co-creating with creatives everyday.


Whenever you put a gilded frame around something, notice how it instantly becomes super fancy? That's the idea behind The Gold Frame. My subject matter? You. Founded in 2013 initially as a portraiture photography project, now operates as a full service photography and design consultancy for New Orleans-area musicians, artists, small businesses and nonprofits. (We work outside the city, too, but New Orleans gets priority!). With more than 5+ years of proactive photography, graphic design, and marketing, TGF is utilized as a personal creative agent to power your creative goals. Bridging the offline with the online, TGF makes it easier for independent artists, recording studios, record labels, entrepreneurs, and local businesses — artists in their own right — to develop. For creatives. By creatives. 


Simply put, photography and design doesn't have to be exclusive to big marketing budgets. Let's break down the barriers and make "looking good" more tangible to the people who deserve it. Spread the wealth --or gold, if you will.


Provide affordable marketing materials for independent artists


Support a healthy cultural economy by pedestool-ing New Orleans' culture bearers, musicians, and artists.


Make your brand look good --duh!


Photograph lots of cool shows.


“Getting sh*t done so you don't have to.”

HOPE BYRD  |  Founder

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